Renovations of the old Bayleaf Cafe

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I am spending a lot of time in Apollo Bay. The old Bayleaf has been renovated over last year – we thought just the floors were rotting! My son James, as project manager, got builder from Ballarat, Richard Goodwin, to battle through architect plans.

Renovating sure is harder than bulldozing and rebuilding – we lost all the side sash windows due to fire regs. Now it looks terrific – no hallway, 3 skylights, girders hold up ceilings – a huge space; a palace for disabled, 4 toilets including the old wash-house.

The garage fit for freezers; Sophie’s old bedroom’s the office; plus stainless steel mantelpiece around exposed chimney – talking point.

 Tenants plan a restaurant, “COCO”.

Once tiling’s finished out front all welcome to opening party – *sign will say which Saturday, 6pm very soon