New Local Tourism

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It is mother’s day season and as a mother

I would like to say how much I valued all my pets 

once my family grew and left – such happy memories.

You may like to consider publishing this reply from

our local government authority, the Colac Otway Shire.

I like the honey-eaters squabbling in my garden now.

Unfortunately our council won’t consider adopting 

a ten-year cat strategy to protect threatened species,

and their alternative would upset my neighbours.

Secondly, our town’s economy has been blasted away

by the corona virus regulations. Whatever does the

shire, or for that matter the state, suggest for our town

to reinvigorate tourism along the Great Ocean Road.

Once thriving businesses now mendicant on hand-outs?

Sorry, but the Port of Apollo Bay is not the entire game.

May I suggest the Premier and Chamber of Commerce

devise a sustainable long-term marketing strategy eg:

                Visit Apollo Bay and make us your destination!

This could feature all our attractions — surf, waterfalls

sea, rivers and the beauty of the Otway rainforest;

our fine dining spots and accommodation facilities.

Stay a fortnight and explore it all for yourself.

Read up on Donald Walker’s amazing stories.

Not long ago the township rehashed its services to deal

with 5-minute lunch stops for huge tourist buses

flying along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 apostles.

Surely we have matured since those bad days.

We need a more sustainable plan, taking advantage 

of our excellent information centre on the foreshore.

We offer much more than cheap thrills and trinkets.

We offer unique beauty and opportunities for study: 

-exploring healthy rainforest, waterfalls, glow worms.

We have unique plants we ignore, a botanical garden 

that needs no gymnastics to recreate, just adequate 

protection. What about history! We should not ignore it. 

Our Greater Otway National Park; our wild and windy sea. 

The elders would help do justice to the whole story.

Save the Otways for a healthy, beautiful sustainable future!