Wards in Local Government

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A quick trip inland reveals the dire state of the planet:

water shortages, slaughtered creatures left on roadsides;

and cities threatened by dust or flames.

It is a relief to get back to our stormy coastline

where forests entice the gentle rain and multicultural tourism

brings us jobs and the illusion of sustainability.

It’s way past time to seek changes for mother earth’s sake.

Alternatives to greedy vehicular transport for a start; 

no more log trucks chopping up our roads and taxes.

Thanks Allen Hokin for analysing Victoria’s Local Government

Review in the Apollo Bay News 28/03/2019. 

The idea of wards is probably next best to secession. 

 “Option B” might put democracy back on the map

for the disenfranchised voters of southwest Victoria.

You need to respond to colacotway.review@vec.vic.gov.au

What a pity voting isn’t compulsory.